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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ugly Tom Stole My Fossil Watch: Week 4 Points

What's the situation #JSFL? How you living?

I'm on a roll. Let's bang out these scores from last week's ep in which Jwoww breaks up with her ugly boyfriend. That's about all I remember so this leaderboard is almost like a surprise present for me. I hope I got something good. Here's the Commish' email:

Subject: It's points TIIIIMMMME

Quiet scoring this week, though my girl came on ok. Let's get to it.

J-Woww - 32: left work (3), called her boyfriend (1), broke up with him (20), and cried twice (4x2)
New Girl - 12; made out (5), and kissed a girl (7)
Vin - 1: said "situation" (1)
Snook - 9: left work (3), made out (5), and said "guidette" (1)

No points for Ronnie, but Fake Ronnie made out for 5 points. I'd love to somehow work auxiliary characters into the game: Danny the Boss, Fake Ronnie, The Stalker. It would be epic.

Commish Amsterdam


Ruh-roh. No points for Sitch or DJ? Not looking like a good situation for team MVP'S. Anyways.

Week 4 Starting Line-Ups and Points:

Andy: Jwoww star (64), Vinnie (1), Deena (27)
@poloshot: Jwoww star (64) Situation (0), Vinnie (1)
Owen: Deena star (54), Jwoww (32), Ron (0)
@ckalange: Deena star (54), Situation (0), Snooki (9)
@NotPinnock: Ron star (0), Situation (0), Jwoww (32)
@mikedashin: Deena star (54), Sammi (0), Ron (0)
Frog: Snooki star (18), Vinnie (1), Sammi (0)
@mattsisto: Situation star (0), Vinnie (1), DJ Pauly D (0)

Week 4 Team Scoring:

Andy: 92 (77+15 smoosh pts)
Owen: 86 [56+(15 smoosh pts x2)]
@poloshot: 65
@ckalange: 63 [33+(15 smoosh pts x2)]
@mikedashin: 54 [24+(15 smoosh pts x2)]
@NotPinnock: 32
Frog: 19
@mattsisto: 1 (Situation star instead of Vinnie, -1pt)

Big Board after Week 4:

1st) 335.5 points (Andy)
2nd) 288.5 points (@ckalange)
3rd) 270 points (Frog)
4th) 262.5 points (Owen)
5th) 211.5 points (@poloshot)
6th) 176 points (@mattsisto)
7th) 140.5 points (@mikedashin)
8th) 113.5 points (@NotPinnock)

My point situation has never been more dismal but on the plus side I've never been more proud of my younger brother. I wish I could remember what was going to happen this week because I'd write about line-ups now. Oh well.

Also, the Commish and I were talking about a blog post of your top 5 Jersey Shore situations ever. No way Snooki's performance on Monday doesn't rank somewhere in there. That episode and the time she got jacked in the face. That situation was classic.

And that's how the situation is situated.

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