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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Face Down, Ass Up: Week 6 Points

What up, #JSFL kookas?

Points from two weeks ago (the week where Ron got his ass examined) are finally here. First, the Commish' official statement and scoring:

Subject: "Why is Ronnie bleeding out of his ass? I have no Idea."

"Why is Ronnie bleeding out of his ass? I have no idea"
Maybe my favorite quote in history.

So, interesting assortment of points this week. Aside from the Deena smush, no real action to speak of. However, if you watch carefully, you'll notice a ridiculous number of randoms being brought back to the house. That, my friends, is where most of this week's points come from.

First, a quick note on judgment calls. I gave Pauly points for bringing home a random in Danielle. I think that, considering they have never smushed, are not in a relationship, and weren't speaking a few episodes ago, her appearance at the house was 'random' enough to qualify this one time. Also, minor note: I gave Sitch one point for being late to work, based on the fact that he was asleep when the girls decided to leave him because they didn't want to get in trouble. It's a safe assumption that he was late that day.

I'm also not giving break-up points this week. This is typical Sam-and-Ron bullshit. It happens every couple of episodes. But I am willing to let it go to an overrule vote.


Sitch: 21 - Random x 4 (5x4), late to work (1)
Ron: (5) - Puke (5),
Vin: (5) - Random (5)
DJ: (10) - Random x2 (5x2)

Sam: (5) - late to work (1), cried (4)
Jenni: (1) - late to work (1)
Snooki: (11) - Make out x2 (5x2), Random (5), late to work (1)
NG: (25) - Make out (5), Random (5), Smush (15)

Finally, I will be going on Wednesday to the Borders Books in Columbus Circle to get my copy of The Rules According to JWoww signed by the author, the lovely Jenni Farley. If anyone is in the city and wants to come, please let me know.

Face down ass up


Week 6 Line-ups and Points:

@mikedashin: Deena star (50), Ron (5), DJ Pauly D (10)
@ckalange: Snooki star (22), Deena (25) Sammi Sweetheart (5)
@NotPinnock: Situation star (42), Ron (5), Jwoww (1)
@poloshot: DJ Pauly D star (20), Vinnie (5), Situation (21)
@mattsisto: Vinnie star (10), Situation (21), DJ Pauly D (10)
Owen: Snooki Star (22), Ron (5), Jwoww (1)
Frog: Vinnie (10), Snooki (11), Ron (5)
Andy: Vinnie (10), Snooki (11), Jwoww (1)

Week 6 Team Scoring:

@mikedashin: 65
@ckalange: 52
@notpinnock: 48
@poloshot: 46
@mattsisto: 41
Owen: 28
Frog: 26
Andy: 22

Big Board after Week 6:

1st) 444.5 points (@ckalange)
2nd) 424 points (Frog)
3rd) 367.5 points (Andy)
4th) 348.5 points (Owen)
5th) 317.5 points (@poloshot)
6th) 317 points (@mattsisto)
7th) 285.5 points (@mikedashin)
8th) 277.5 points (@NotPinnock)

That's how the Situation is situated. Congrats to week 6 point leader @ckalange. I'll be getting to the most recent episode right now. I just have to watch it first.

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