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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 9 Point Breakdown: It's T-Shirt Time

Greetings JSFL peeps-

Aside from the Situation posing and getting himself jacked up before calling his lady friend this episode was pretty dull. Let's get right into it:

Jwoww was the point leader for week 8 with 20 points. She made out with her ugly bf for 5 points and they smooshed for 15.

Angelina scored 9 total points. She brought home a random from the beach (5 points) and started crying on the phone with her mother (4 points)

The Situation scored 7 points. He made out in the club (5 points) and said "Situation" twice (although I'd argue he should be awarded a hundred points for each time the laundry woman said "el Situation" because it was hilarious)

DJ Pauly D scored 2 points for saying "situation" twice.

In List Form:

Jwoww: 20 points
Angelina: 9 points
Situation: 7 points
DJ Pauly D: 2 points

Week 9 Team Points:

@wickedcoolmatt: 29
@mollymsmisth: 29
@poloshot: 20
@robertageorge: 16
@ckalange: 9
@mattsisto: 7
@notpinnock: 2
@handyslunch: 2

Big Board after 9 Episodes:

1st) @ckalange (395.5)
2nd) @mattsisto (390)
3rd) @handyslunch (365)
4th) @notpinnock (361.5)
5th) @robertageorge (344.5)
6th) @poloshot (321)
7th) @wickedcoolmatt (292.5)
8th) @mollymsmith (263.5)

A few topics worth discussing:

1) I think we should consider a point category for characters spending nights in the same bed. Ronnie and Sam spend almost every night together in the Smash Room yet they almost do not exist on the point sheet. The same would hold true for Snooki spending the night with Vinnie, Angeline and Jose, and anyone else. It won't count for as much as a hook-up but it should be represented somewhere, maybe with 3 points.

2) I've been defining a random person as someone whose first appearance on the show leads to them coming back to the house. Angelina meeting that random dude at the beach counts; Pauly D bringing back Rocio (I think that's her name) after having been out with her numerous times does not count. I think you'll agree however that there is a grey area in there. For instance, this week the Situation is going to invite his lady from the club bathroom over to smoosh. Is she a random now?

Obviously the only way we can add point categories is with the approval of at least 50% of the league. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Hugs and smooshes.

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