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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 7 Point Breakdown: Vincenzo is King of the Smoosh

Greetings Jersey Shore Fantasy League,

It's about five days late but below is the point breakdown for last Thursday's episode (the second half of the fight/not the one before the VMA's) Again, sorry it took so long to get it up, I've been partying pretty hard. If my timing happens to be off at all in terms of when exactly these things happened you'll have to forgive me: I scored it on Friday but am trying to recap it on Tuesday. Anyways, no more excuses.

It pleases to no end to announce that Vinnie is the Week 7 MVP with 60 points. He made out with one random in the club (5 points), made out with her at home (5 points for the makeout, 5 points for bringing a random home) and then he hooked up with her (15 pts) Later in the episode, he made out with Angelina in the cab (7.5 pts) and then smooshed her for 22.5 points. Solid points for Vincenzo.

Snooki also had a monster week with 45 points. She brought home two randoms (5 pts each), smooshed both of them (15 pts each) and had a in the club make-out (5 pts) The two randoms were the guy from the night before (no longer added as a random point after the first night) and his man-grenade friend. I've also given Jwoww credit for that random because he was coming over to see her.

Angelina scored 30 points for making out with Vinnie (7.5) and then smooshing with Vinnie (22.5)

Jwoww put up 25 points. She no-showed at work (5 pts), fought Sammi (15 pts for same sex fight w/roommate), and with Snooki brought home the random man-grenade who was coming because she was there.

Sammi put up 22.5 points. 15 for fighting Jwoww, 7.5 for making out with Ron-Ron in the club.

Ronnie got 7.5 points for making out with Sammi in the club.

DJ Pauly D said Situation once (1 pt)

The Situation put up a big 0

In List Form:

Vinnie: 60 pts
Snooki: 45 pts
Angelina: 30 pts
Jwoww: 25 pts
Sammi: 22.5 pts
Ron-Ron: 7.5
DJ Pauly D: 1

Week 7 Team Points:

@NotPinnock: 106
@MollyMSmith: 100
@wickedcoolmatt: 77.5
@handyslunch: 68.5
@mattsisto: 67.5
@ckalange: 61
@poloshot: 55
@RobertAGeorge: 37.5

Leader Board After 7 Weeks:

1st) @mattsisto (370 points)
2nd) @ckalange (346.5 points)
3rd) @handyslunch (335 points)
4th) @NotPinnock (331.5 points)
5th) @RobertAGeorge (316.5 points)
6th) @poloshot (299 points)
7th) @wickedcoolmatt (251.5 points)
8th) @MollyMSmith ( 222.5 points)

Going to watch Sunday's Ep and score it this afternoon. Be well.

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