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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Fight Post

I assume at this point you're all as excited about Jwoww/Sammi I (I'm hoping it's a series of fights along the lines of Ali/Frazier but for our generation) so I thought I might as well give a full fight breakdown as if these two were boxers. I'll admit a large part of this is that the last fight I saw was Cotto/Foreman and that was months ago so I'm kind of hurting for boxing talk.

Sammi is a huge underdog in this fight. Jwoww is looking more muscular than we've seen her look in the past and she's been talking about fighting pretty much every episode. We've also had some evidence that she's actually training as a fighter: "I'm putting vaseline on my face, and then I'm kicking her ass" and when the Situation mentioned having seen her at the gym working the heavy bag. Not many girls I know do that.

We also know a good bit about what to expect when Jwoww fights. There were two instances last season that are telling because they were both completely different and showcased two different attributes of Jwoww's technique. You may recall the first fight in a bar when some girl called Snooki fat. Jwoww pushed the girl, circled so she had plenty of room behind her to maneuver, and proceeded to grab the girl's hair with her left hand, pull her head down so she couldn't see, and then work her with about five well placed upper-cuts to the jaw/face area. What can we take away from this exchange? The first thing is that Jwoww's ring awareness spot-on. Moving away from objects to minimize the chances of losing her balance is as important in Jersey Shore fighting as staying off the ropes is in boxing. Secondly, Jwoww had a fight strategy. Her hair-grab-upper-cut combo looked well practiced and in this case was extremely well executed. Bottom line: Jwoww stomped this girl and it's too bad the victim was blurcled because I would have liked to see the result of Jwoww's uppercut combo.

The second fight was really just a punch but it again speaks volumes about Jwoww as a fighter. Last year in Atlantic City the Situation had Jwoww forcibly removed from a club. She was waiting for him when he got back but because Vinnie was in the way she couldn't get to the Situation. While Vinnie was pushing her away she managed to slip half her body away and with the backside of her left hand knuckled the Situation right in the jaw. Hard. Jwoww knew that she wasn't going to get in a hard right but, sizing up the situation (no pun intended), she managed to land a fully extended back-hand (with her offhand!) directly to the jaw. This speaks again towards her ring awareness but also to her precision as a puncher. She fully extended her arm and backhanded him with very little time to place her punch. The time factor is what's most interesting: she knew exactly how far away she had to be to land the punch so she allowed Vinnie to push her into the other ring and, at exactly the right moment and distance, she turned to land the punch. I just can't get over how mentally steady she is in a fight.

At this point you may be thinking that Sammi has no chance but there are a few things we should consider first.

Sammi has a huge reach advantage. And sure, Jwoww probably could neutralize that with some strong ring generalship but it's not just going to be the two of them. Stamped Snooki is right in the middle trying to break them up and stop the fight. This works hugely to Sammi's advantage. Depending on the reach difference it's possible that Sammi could land punches on Jwoww and that Jwoww might not be able to reach her. I could see Sammi landing punches on Jwoww (throwing them over Snooki) while Jwoww tries to grab at her without success.

We also have to consider that Jwoww is fighting because she likes to fight. Sammi is going to be legitimately angry. She's been shit on by Ronnie for 5 episodes. Her two alleged friends conspired to lie to her and then called her weak. At this point she probably assumes like everyone else that there's something between Jwoww and Ronnie. She is going to be angry. What does this mean? She has something to fight for and at a certain point even ring-generalship and technique should be scared of someone fighting with all of their emotions. It just may catch Jwoww off guard. Jwoww probably doesn't expect Sammi to even fight her so when Sammi comes at her HARD there's a chance Jwoww doesn't have time to adjust.

However, if Jwoww does adjust it's curtains for Sammi. I'm not saying she has no chance but Jwoww is a strong opponent. My decision: Jwoww wins in round 4 after the fight is stopped by the roommates. If the guys aren't around though, this one could go the distance. We shall see.

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