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Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 5 Points: We Just Didn't Want to Deal With The Drama...That We Caused

Good afternoon, Jersey Shore Fantasy Leaguers! Sorry I was so tardy posting the points this week. I was drinking like I was in South Beach. Let's get right to it (If you want to skip right to the points, they're in bold below):

It was a big week for The Situation who scored 48 points. In the club he made out with two women (5 points each). You might think it was more because they showed quick flashes four separate times but trust me, I dissected the club/hook up sequence and the backgrounds were similar. As a side note, it appears DJ Pauly D bedded the tall brunette the Situation was making out with at the club.

DJ Pauly D, the Situation, and Vinnie brought home two girls with them from the club (worth 5 points each) HOWEVER, the two other random girls were ones the Situation called himself so I'm going to count those two for the Situation only (giving him a total of 20 "bring home random" points)

All three members of Team MVP implied that they smooshed those three randoms who spent the night and that's enough for me to award them 15 points each.

The other big point score was Sammi who cried, to my count, 4 separate times (worth 4 points each). It's tough to decipher individual bouts of crying because two occasions occurred most likely in the same confessional period but were placed at different times in the episode. I counted the confessional crying (same outfit, same confessional) as one crying.

Some odds and ends:

Snooki cried once (4 points) and called Emilio once (1 point) which I counted because the sentiment was there regardless of whether they were technically dating.

The Situation said "Situation" three times (3 points) DJ Pauly D said "Situation" once, Angelina said it twice.

Ronnie and Jwoww put up zero points.

In list form:

The Situation: 48 points
DJ Pauly D: 26 points
Vinnie: 25 points
Sammi: 16 points
Snooki: 5 points
Angelina: 2 points

Team Scoring:

@CKalange: 99 points
@mattsisto: 73 points
@NotPinnock: 56 points
@RobertAGeorge: 50 points
@handyslunch: 47 points
@wickedcoolmatt: 18 points
@poloshot: 16 points
@MollyMSmith: 7 points

The Leaderboard Through 5 Weeks:

@mattsisto: 246 points
@RobertAGeorge: 233.5 points
@Ckalange: 217.5 points
@handyslunch: 204.5 points
@poloshot: 204 points
@NotPinnock: 162 points
@wickedcoolmatt: 120.5 points
@MollyMSmith: 64.5 points

That's the Situation. Big Episode this week. I was thinking about letting someone guest score if there are any takers. Keep it real.


  1. Also, Ronnie is the biggest asshole maybe ever. It actually hurt watching this episode again. My brother noted, " it's like he's trying to manipulate her[Sammi] but he's too fucking stupid to get it right."

    Finally, "the letter" was so staged. I can't explain how or here my evidence is but i'm totally or certain.

  2. Ronnie may be an asshole, but dammit I can't help but love him. I seriously want to go out drinking with him one night.

    "The Letter" is the biggest fraud on television since Bronnie said he didn't decide on the Heat until the morning of The Decision. I have no doubt. But half the situations (not Situations, but situations, mind you) on the show are staged, and we love them anyway. Thank you, MTV.

  3. One of my goals in life is to drink with the Situation. Or go to a club when DJ Pauly D is spinning. Or eat some meatballs at Vinnie's house in Staten Island. Or get punched/get creepy with JWoww. Or cry about getting dumped with Sammi. Or bang Snooki.

    Sadly there are only so many hours in a day.

    It looks from the preview like at least three girls are in on the fight's going to be huuuuuugggggggeeeeeeee.