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Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 12: Oh yeah, week 12, YEEEEAAAHHHHH


What a season it has been. It makes me sad to say this is my second to last Jersey Shore point post of the year. Noooooooo!!! You know what I think we're seeing though? The Situation really getting changed by the fame. Being a lousy wingman, parking wherever he wants, that bored's all about him changing now. Next Season is going to be ridiculously interesting. But we have some work to do before then.

Last week was a point extravaganza. There was also the first social point scoring (the entire cast was kicked out of the club for 3 pts each) since they all toasted to "Miami Bitch" in the first episode. This is great just because it's nice to see every JSFL team getting some points.

For the third time this season Vinnie was the MVP with 29 points. He made out with Ramona twice (10 points), smooshed Ramona (15 pts), said "situation" once, and got kicked out of the club (3pts)

Next up was DJ Pauly D who scored 28 points. He brought home two randoms (10 points), made out with two different girls (5 pts each), said "Situation" a personal record 5 times, plus the 3 points for the club kick out.

Situation was next with 22 points. He brought home two randoms (10 points), got kicked out of the bar, and said "situation" a season record 9 times. That's right, the Situation said, "Situation" 9 times. Let that sink in.

Ronnie and Sam both scored 10.5 points. They made out with each other in the hot tub (5 points x1.5) and were forcibly removed from the club for 3.

Finally, Snooki and Jwoww scored 7 points for when they were both crying over Snook's friend leaving (On a side note, @poloshot pointed out how ridiculous it is that they get so home sick when they're only gone like 6 weeks) and they both got kicked out of the club too.

In list form:

Vinnie: 29
DJ Pauly D: 28
The Situation: 22
Ronnie: 10.5
Sammi: 10.5
Jwoww: 7
Snooki: 7

Week 12 Team Scoring

@ckalange: 79
@NotPinnock: 64
@mattsisto: 61.5
@handyslunch: 45.5
@robertageorge: 32.5
@poloshot: 28
@wickedcoolmatt: 17.5
@MollyMSmith: 14

Big Board after 12 weeks:

1st) @ckalange (536.5)
2nd) @mattsisto (506.5)
3rd) @robertageorge (469)
4th) @NotPinnock (458.5)
5th) @handyslunch (437.5)
6th) @poloshot (353)
7th) @wickedcoolmatt (348)
8th) @MollyMSmith (335.5)

So what do we know going into the final week?

@Ckalange is pretty secure on top of the leaderboard unless Ron-Ron blows up and they show him and Sammi smooshing a few times and DJ Pauly does nothing. In that case @mattsisto can maybe catch him. This is obviously a long shot.

@NotPinnock is very much in the hunt for third place especially if the Situation doesn't have a big episode. @robertageorge has Ronnie and the Situation so really it'll come down to whether Sitch does something big. Similarly, @handyslunch isn't out of it necessarily but he'll need a bigger week from Sammi than Vinnie which at this point seems like a long shot too.

@poloshot (Ron-Jwoww-Sam) will finish higher than @wickedcoolmatt (Jwoww-Sam-Trashbags) because of his five point lead. Whether @Mollymsmith can beat either of them comes down to whether or not Snooki has a big episode.

What's interesting is that there are three races going on: the race for first, the race for third, and the race for not the bottom. I think only the race for the top is out of reach. That said:

I'm going to try to jinx @ckalange now and say he's definitely going to win it, not a chance anything goes wrong for him, there's no chance Ronnie puts up any points, this is pretty much over.

I'll see you on Thursday.

ps Does anyone else think Vinnie's girl Ramona is kinda busted? Discuss.

Week 11: Post-Angelina

Hey y'all- this episode was the one right after Angelina left. Quick recap if you can't quite remember it:

Snooki's friend Ryder came to visit and they got drunk a lot. Vinnie finally hooked up with Ramona. The Situation was a real jerk and tried to ruin everyone's time at the club.

Point wise DJ Pauly D gets the mvp with 7. He said "situation" twice and made out with a random at Klutch (5 pts)

Vinnie scored 5 for making out with Ramona.

The Situation said "Situation" once. So,

Team Scoring:

@ckalange 13
@NotPinnock 12
@handyslunch 7
@mattsisto 6
@robertageorge 1

The Big Board after 11 Weeks:

1st) @ckalange (457.5)
2nd) @mattsisto (445)
3rd) @robertageorge (436.5)
4th) @NotPinnock (394.5)
5th) @handyslunch (392)
6th) @wickedcoolmatt (330.5)
7th) @polosthot (325)
8th) @mollymsmith (321.5)

No real changes from last week, @NotPinnock jumped into 4th, The Situation is a jerk, and I'm going to start watching this past weeks now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 10: The Staten Island Dump

Hey #JSFL, my apologies for waiting until literally the day of to post last week's scores but I've been away from vt and all over the place. Enough excuses. The worst part about posting late is I can barely remember the episode and am left with a scoresheet with events I can't remember. That said...

The Situation was this weeks mvp with 48 points. He made out twice (10 pts), smooshed once (15), got hit by Angelina (15 pts), said Situation three times (3 pts), and brought home a random (5 pts). As a side note, I'll never get tired of him calling for cabs and the confusing the operator with the name "Situation."

Next up was the Staten Island Dump with 34 points. She made out with Jose (5 pts), fought Snooki (10 pts), fought the Situation (15 pts), and cried (4 pts). Next season we're going to have to discuss a point category for members leaving the show. It goes against my grain the same way I don't think people who leave the Real World should be able to compete on challenges; at the same time it sucks for the teams that lost Trash Bags this week.

Snooki put up 20 points last week. She made out at the club (5 pts), flashed the entire club (5 public indecency points), and fought Trash Bags (10 pts)

Jwoww scored 4 points for crying when her ugly boyfriend Tom left.

Vinnie scored 1 point for saying "Situation".

In List Form:

Situation: 48 points
Trash Bags: 34 points
Snooki: 20 points
Jwoww: 4 points
Vinnie: 1 point

Wek 10 Team Points:

@RobertAGeorge: 82 points
@MollyMSmith: 58 points
@Ckalange: 49 points
@mattsisto: 49 points
@wickedcoolmatt: 38 points
@NotPinnock: 21 points
@Handyslunch: 20 points
@poloshot: 4 points

Big Board after Week 10:

1st) @Ckalange (444.5)
2nd) @mattsisto (439)
3rd) @RobertAGeorge (426.5)
4th) @handyslunch (385)
5th) @NotPinnock (382.5)
6th) @wickedcoolmatt (330.5)
7th) @poloshot (325)
8th) @MollyMSmith (321.5)

What do we know going into the final stretch? It's impossible for @RobertAGeorge to overtake @mattsisto without Angelina because now their teams are the same with Ronnie and The Situation. Similarly, the difference between first and second place is the performance of Ronnie vs DJ Pauly D. They're both wifed up at this point so how much could their scores move? It may become a game of inches with Pauly D racking up "situation" points every now and then.

The competition for the middle of the leaderboard is heating up. The difference between teams @handyslunch and @NotPinnock is Sammie/Vinnie. @NotPinnock is 2.5 points behind but I like Vinnie to put up more points than Sammie so I think we'll see some moves there. Neither of these teams are out of it especially considering the 3rd place team just lost Angelina.

The bottom of the leaderboard is turning into a tight race too. @poloshot needs some performance out of Ronnie if he's going to overtake @wickedcoolmatt. They both have Sammie and Jwoww so these next few weeks will be telling. Finally, @MollyMSmith still has a punchers chance for not last place if Snooki can keep putting up points. I actually like her to overtake both @poloshot and @wickedcoolmatt because, with Jwoww on all three of their teams, there's no way Snooki doesn't outscore Sammie for the rest of the season, barring some miraculous turn of events.

It's really heating up. This is exciting. I don't think anyone is safe.