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Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 11: Post-Angelina

Hey y'all- this episode was the one right after Angelina left. Quick recap if you can't quite remember it:

Snooki's friend Ryder came to visit and they got drunk a lot. Vinnie finally hooked up with Ramona. The Situation was a real jerk and tried to ruin everyone's time at the club.

Point wise DJ Pauly D gets the mvp with 7. He said "situation" twice and made out with a random at Klutch (5 pts)

Vinnie scored 5 for making out with Ramona.

The Situation said "Situation" once. So,

Team Scoring:

@ckalange 13
@NotPinnock 12
@handyslunch 7
@mattsisto 6
@robertageorge 1

The Big Board after 11 Weeks:

1st) @ckalange (457.5)
2nd) @mattsisto (445)
3rd) @robertageorge (436.5)
4th) @NotPinnock (394.5)
5th) @handyslunch (392)
6th) @wickedcoolmatt (330.5)
7th) @polosthot (325)
8th) @mollymsmith (321.5)

No real changes from last week, @NotPinnock jumped into 4th, The Situation is a jerk, and I'm going to start watching this past weeks now.

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