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Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to the League

A few weeks ago I started a Jersey Shore Fantasy League.

Eight teams select 3 players each in a three round draft process. Every week I score the episode, tally team points, and put it on the big board (A google doc). In my next post I'll include the charter and the point categories.

The reason for this blog is to provide a place I can analyze espn-style the intricacies of reality television fantasy sports. I envision break-downs of past episodes, handicapping favorite teams, discussions of scoring ambiguities, and recipes for Ron-Ron Juice.

For example: We know Snooki and her boyfriend Emilio break up but is it caused by some infidelity (which rewards from 5 to 15 pts depending on the extent) or does it happen off camera? In the case of infidelity, will it be in time to counter Ronnie's strong showing or the Situation's near sycophantic pursuit of women? Will a team with Ronnie and Jwoww be able to carry a team with Sammi in the third round spot? If Jwoww fights both girl roommates and Vinnie sleeps with both of them, given hook ups get more points than fighting, does it make sense to pick Vinnie over Jwoww or can we rely on her to hook up more than Vinnie with people outside of the house?

So many questions. I'll try to answer them.

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