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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Uncle Nino Makes Everything a-Nice: Week 11 Points

Two posts in one day? We've got a situation. Let's get to it. From the Commissioner:

Subject: Two Weeks Late is Better than Never

Hey JSFLers.

Happy March Madness, gentlemen. This would typically be my favorite time of year, but I got KILLED in my picks last week, so screw it. My favorite day of the year is 9 days away... MLB OPENING DAY!!!! Oh, the glory awaits.

A few points I want to make about this episode, before moving to scores.

First, UNCLE NINO! This show needs more of him. Or, he needs his own show. Can he please go to Italy with them next season?

Two, if you watch this episode again, watch carefully when they all leave Karma the first time. There's a TINY dude (talking like 5 foot nothing) walking next to J-Woww. He doesn't show up in the house, so no random points. But I would love to know more.

Finally, two related points, stemming from the dog release plot. One, Mike has officially crossed the line into one of the creepiest individuals on the planet. How is he a member of society? And two, this season has had far too much excrement-related subplots: public micturation/defecation, Snooki talking about her bowel movements far too much, the clogged toilet, now this? I'm not a fan.

That said, enough about piss and shit. On to points:

Sammy got 19: made out with Ronnie twice (10x1.5=15) and cried once (4)
Snooki took home 20: brought home a random (5) and got it in (15)
Ronnie got 15: made out with Sammy twice (10x1.5=15)
Mike got 1: Said his self-proclaimed nickname once.

That's it for points. Not as much scoring as we all would hope - not unlike my Knicks lately... god, I hate Mike D'Antoni.

On to the next episode!
Your commissioner (who makes even less than the $1 that Roger Goodell makes... and does a better job than he does)


Oh Yeah Week 11 Line-Ups Yeeaaahhhh:

Frog: Ronnie star (30), Sammi (19), Snooki (20)
@ckalange: Sammi star (38), Situation (1), Snooki (20)
Owen: Ronnie star (30), Jwoww (0), Snooki (20)
Andy: Snooki star (40), Vinny (0), Deena (0)
@NotPinnock: Ronnie star (30), Situation (1), DJ Pauly D (0)
@mattsisto: DJ Pauly D star (0), Situation (1), Sammi (19)
@mikedashin: DJ Pauly D star (0), Ronnie (15) Deena (0)
@poloshot: DJ Pauly D star (0), Situation (1), Vinny (0)

Week 11 Team Scoring Yeah:

Frog: 69
@ckalange: 59
Owen: 50
Andy: 40
@notpinnock: 31
@mattsisto: 20
@mikedashin: 15
@poloshot: 1

Big Board After Week 11:

1) 782 points Frog
2) 731.5 points @ckalange
3) 571 points @mattsisto yeaahhh
4) 564.5 points Owen
5) 563.5 points Andy
6) 521.5 points @poloshot
7) 473.5 points @mikedashin
8) 468.5 points @NotPinnock

So what have we situated here?

Frog and @ckalange have pulled away for the top ranking I think. Whether @ckalange can pull out a second league championship is anyone's guess but 50 points is not an impossible number if the Situation has a great outing.

It is literally neck in neck (neck to neck?) for third place. I have 6.5 point on Owen and 8 points on my brother. @poloshot could rally too with a great outing from Jwoww and if I don't get anything from Sammi.

The third place contestant, yours truly, is also in a tough spot having mismanaged his roster. He's stuck with DJ and Sammi going into the final stretch. Not a great line up to try to finish in the money.

Finally, the fight to not be the goose is down to @mikedashin and @NotPinnock. 5 point difference. Whose it going to be?

That's the situation. See you next week.

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